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The first day:
Afternoon: Arriving at the hotel and check in. You can go to the Beautiful Land Park which near the hotel by bike, Visit the Liangzhu museum(Monday closed)or go to the Jade Liangzhu culture industrial park to appreciation of fine jade, you may relax here, to discover this mysterious Liangzhu Culture.
Evening: Return to the hotel, and go to a western restaurant enjoy dinner buffet or go to the Chinese restaurant enjoy various kinds of delicious food. After dinner you may go to the recreational center ,experience all kinds of ball game activities as well as more than ten entertainment project with your family and friends.


The second day:
You can go to the western restaurant to enjoy delicate breakfast. You may reserve our electronic sight-seeing car at concierge, Walk around Yin-cui Lake, food street, church, the wall of the convention with the villagers, experience of the chronic life in this little town.
Noon: To taste various features gourmet at Food Street.
Afternoon: Back to the hotel room take a rest, then drive to town farm , planting a tree with your child, hand making pottery art, or go to the farmer paradise appreciate traditional show,  picking fresh vegetables.
Evening: You can taste food in the farmers paradise. After dinner you can return to the Hotel recreational center to have foot massage.

The third day:
You can bring a bottle of mineral water, jogging around the lake, take a deep breathe. After that you can go to the western restaurant, enjoy delicate breakfast, after that drive to east mountain national forest park , it’s a natural oxygen bar, to play group CS.
Noon: You can taste farm flavor in the scenic spot.
Afternoon: Drive to the northeast to “Tangxi ”old town  or “ChaoShan” scenic spot.
Night: You can have dinner in the scenic spot, and return to the hotel.


The fourth day:
Enjoy your delicate breakfast at western restaurant. After that you can take 5 minutes walk to the tea park which in the southwest side of hotel, show your room card before entry, there are many outdoor development facility, still you can visit Mahavira temple.


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