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Hangzhou east mountain forest park is located in the northern suburb of hangzhou world famous "liangzhu culture" cradle liangzhu yuhang district town east mountain. 20 kilometers from hangzhou center, and only 5 kilometers from 104 national road, transportation convenient unimpeded

The park covers an area of more than 6000 acres, surrounded by green mountains territory, dense woods, overlooking the climb, the overlap of mountains, lush bamboo all stops eye ground, special natural environment, became the special microclimate, warm in winter and cool in summer, the average temperature of 14.8-15.7, summer is not cool department, winter is not too cold, attract people to follow.

In the park and the places of interest, east temple site now become patriotism education base open and the corresponding and where the emperor ChengJi loyal and group of fairy tales and meng of library will house sites.


East mountain is the collection holiday, leisure and outdoor sports meeting training for the integration of forest park, in faraway from here you can breathe negative oxygen ion and plant nutrients and other ecological factors; And you can review history feeling the edification of the buddhist culture; Of course you can also play with friends who put real CS, experience the battlefield smoke; Or to expand movement make your team more capable; And barbecue, bonfire camping activities will be you good choice.


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