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Liangzhu Culture is one branch of the important primitive culture in the Taihu Lake Basin, the downstream of the Yangtze River.

Liangzhu Culture Museum, a key cultural relic under the state-level protection, is located among Liangzhu, Anxi and Changming Town of Yuhang District. Discovered in 1936, Liangzhu Cultural Relics is the place where people lived during the late Neolithic Age. The relics extensively spread in the area between the north of Qiantang River and the south of Jiangshu Province. Qianjiahu Plain bears the large amount of such relics. The unearthed exquisitely grinded stone implements include axes, chisels, adzes, sickles, lances, perforated axes and perforated knives. In particular, the utilization of stone plough demonstrates that the agricultural production had entered into the plough plowing phase from the hoe plowing phase, which is also called the "slashing and burning phase". The unearthed potteries are mainly the gray and black potteries made of fine sand and the black potteries made of mud material and with gray biscuit. Most of the polished potteries, with no decoration on surface, are smooth and bright. Only a small amount of the potteries have delicate engraved designs and engraved lines or colored patterns. The common unearthed implements include three-legged ancient vessel, rectangular and semilunar knifes, pots, bronze vessel for holding food in ancient times, plate, cup, three-legged caldron (gui), a wine cup (he) and jug. There are also many exquisite unearthed jade articles including the jade bi (bi), octagonal jade piece with a round hole in the center, jade ornament, pendant, ring and pearl, many of which were unearthed from tombs. According to the C14 dating, the relevant relics unearthed were made about 5,300 or 4,200 years ago, which were continuously used for thousand of years. The said period is the preliminary stage when the end of primitive society transited into the slave society.

Located in the front of Mt. Xunshan, the relic of Liangzhu Culture, and facing the No. 104 State High Way, Liangzhu Culture Museum is a relic-style museum specially designated for Liangzhu Cultural Relic. The museum, with buildings characterized by the patterns on the octagonal jade pieces, the typical implements in Liangzhu Culture, was established and opened to the public in April1994. It covers 10,000sqm of land area and 2,000sqm of floor area. The name of this museum was inscribed by Jiang Zemin, our former president. There are three exhibition halls inside the museum, namely, the "Display of Liangzhu Culture and Customs ", which comprehensively introduces the ecological environment, social economy and living condition in Liangzhu Culture Period, the  "Display of Relics Unearthed from Liangzhu Relics Group", which exhibits various of exquisite jade implements and a great deal of black potteries unearthed from the said place, and the "Display of Fine Relics Unearthed from Liangzhu Relic Group", exhibiting a large tomb "buried with jade implements" in the said period. There is also a temporary display hall for organizing relevant irregular exhibitions.

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