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Located in the west of urban Hangzhou, where is less than 5km from the West Lake, Xixi National Marsh Park (Xixi) is a rare secondary wetland in the city with abundant ecological resources, simple and unadorned natural landscapes and profound cultural connotation. Called as "Three Xi" in Hangzhou with the West Lake and the Xiling Seal Engravers' Society, it is the first and also the only national wetland park integrating with city wetland, agricultural wetland and cultural wetland in China at present

Xixi's unique feature lies in its water, which is also the soul of it. 70% of its area is covered with river ports, pools, lakes and wetland, demonstrating the so-called "One stream accompanying with one melody". There are six rivers running through the whole park in a crisscross pattern, with many branching streams and fish scale-shape fish ponds spreading among them, which form the unique wetland scenery in Xixi.

Xixi's importance lies in the ecological resources. In order to strengthen the ecological protection, three ecological protection areas and ecological recovering areas including Feijia Pool, Xialong Beach and Chaotianmu Lake were set up inside the wetland. A popular science display hall was also established at the entrance of the wetland. In addition, there are three ecological recovering pools and one wetland ecological appreciation area inside the park. Xixi is the heaven for birds, with many bird-viewing pavilions established in the park, which present the tourists a magnificent scene of happily flying birds.

Xixi's culture had been well established for a long time. It had been a reclusion place since the ancient times, and was regarded as a pure land and a Xanadu in the world of mortals. Qiuxue Buddhist Nunnery, Po Buddhist Nunnery, Plum and Bamboo Resort and Xixi Thatched Cottage were the other land properties established by many literati and refined scholars in the history. They left a lot of poems and articles in Xixi. It is said that the old stage under the century-old camphor tree in Shentankou was the place for the first show performed by artists from the northern faction of Shaoxing Opera.

Xixi boasts the honest and simple folkways. The dragon boat ceremony, held in the Shentankou every year, has the long history and distinct style, is honored as "Stylish Dragon Boat". The "Xixi Families" and the "Story of Mulberry · Silkworm · Silk · Silk Fabric" near the Yanshui Fishing Village re-present the living and working scenes of primitive farmers living in Xixi, making people know more about the water village's typical folk customs.

Hotel→ No. 104 State Highway→ Drive about 9km to Liuxiang Road→ after Driving for 1.2km, Turn left and Continue to Drive for 5.2km→Turn left to Tianmushan Road→ after Driving for 1.5km, Turn Right→80m→ Xixi Wetland Park

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