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Mt. Chaoshan Scenic Spot, a provincial-level landscape, is 29km from the northeastern part of Hangzhou City and is only 6km from Tangxi Town of Yuhang District, a land of fish, rice, flowers and fruit and the home of silk. The No. 09 Provincial Highway connecting the No. 104 State Highway and the No. 320 State Highway passes through the scenic spot, where is regarded as an important part of Hangzhou's famous landscapes.

With scenic spot covering an area of 5km, its highest peak is Mt. Chaoshan, with altitude of 260m. It is even higher than the Gao Pavilion and the Mt. Yellow Crane, thus being named, and is famous for the view of plum blossom, which bears the "ancient, extensive and miraculous" features. The flower buds bursting out in February, the early spring, are like the widespread white jade, making the vast sky glister with white, as well as like the sparkling snow floating and dancing in the air. It, therefore, enjoys the reputation of "Ten Miles' Fragrant Snow Sea", which is one of the three famous plum blossom appreciating landscapes in south of the Yangtze River. Tang plum blossom and Song plum blossom on Mt. Chaoshan are two of Chinese five kinds of ancient plum blossom.

Damingtang is in the center of Mt. Chaoshan scenic spot. The gatehouse of Guangji Bridge, a rare survival imitating the thousand miles' Grand Canal, the gallery, which imitates the original image of the ancient Tangxi Street, and the "Seasonal Flower Sea", with features of rural park are in the front part of the scenic spot, where is near some ancient architecture including the Song Plum Blossom Pavilion, the Fragrance Floating Pavilion and the tomb of Mt. Wu Changshuo, an artist in modern times. In addition, there are Miaoxi Temple, Yuxi Temple on the mountain, the Cuijun Pavilion, Shuying Pavilion, Dolomite Magical Spring and Tiger Rock, etc, on the way to the mountain. The Stone Forest, with stones like fierce tigers, giants, green shields and spring bamboo shoots, will arouse your boundless imagination.

The Star Bridge, in the southeastern part of Mt. Chaoshan, is only 5km from Linping, where had a temple architectural complexes including decades of temples during the Five Dynasties. The Mingjinghui Temple, also called Buddha Sun Temple, bears the magnificent architecture, which has the same position with Lingyin Temple and Jingci Temple. Currently, the architecture is under recovering construction. Mt. Yellow Crane, Mt. Tongkou and Mt. Buddha Sum inside Zhenjing area had been tourism attractions since the ancient times. The historic places including the reading place of Su Shi, Chinese liberator and poet, the secluded place of Wang Meng, a painter in the Yuan Dynasty, the Banjing Hotel (a state hotel for receiving envoys from the North), the Yellow Crane Tower, the Stone Drum Lake, the Yellow Crane Cave, the Dragon Hidden Spring, The Secluded Stone, the Heaven Robe Tower and the Enlightened Pine were on the said mountains in the past.

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