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Yuhang District of Hangzhou City, boasting a profound historical and cultural heritage, saw the "Liangzhu Cluture" start from five thousand years ago, which can be called as the first gleam of civilization. It is also the starting point of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the south and the place where the injustice case of Yang Naiwu and Xiaobaicai (Bi Xiugu), one of the four strange cases in the late Qing Dynasty, happened. Xiaobaicai Culture Park, with the Yang Bi culture as main direction, focuses on expressing local customs and practices in the south of the Yangtze River in the late Qing Dynasty.

Located in the Yuhang Town in the west of Hangzhou, where is about 20km from Hangzhou's downtown, Xiaobaicai Culture Park, enjoying the convenient traffic, is next to the No.02 Province Highway and at the Yuhang Town Entrance of the Hangzhou-Anhui Expressway.

Xiaobaicai Culture Park, with investment totaling RMB450 million, area covering 450mu, exhibition hall covering more than 20mu and floor area standing at 4,685sqm, is a civilian residence in the south of the Yangtze River, featuring whitewashed wall and black tiles, pine windows and bamboo doors, simple and unsophisticated appearance, as well as quiet, graceful and unconventional style. There are many precious materials about the injustice case in the exhibition hall. The Yang Bi strange case of is set by 30 groups of scenes through the scene-exhibiting way, so as to make viewers feel they are personally on the scene. There are more than eighty simulated sculptures made of macromolecule materials, which are almost like genuine figures. Moreover, the whole story of this injustice case is expressed through artistic technique (applying sound, light and power), making the whole injustice case vividly and lively demonstrated. When you are signing about the destiny of the protagonists, you will also praise profusely on the superb expression art. The outstanding environment, convenient traffic, substantial cultural connotation and fine ecological environment make this scenic spot an excellent place for leisure, holiday and tourism.

On the east of Xiaobaicai Culture Park, there is the Water Street in the south of the Yangtze River featuring the style in late Qing Dynasty, with an area of 250mu and total length of 400m. There are many ancient buildings constructed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties including the Wenchang Pavilion, Zhunti Buddhist Nunnery, Mammon Temple and Ancestral Shrine along the street and various national customs displayed on the street. In addition, there are some splendid performances, such as Chinese Martial Art, Trying Yang Naiwu in the Law Court, Folk Acrobatics and Entertainment and Throwing Embroidered Ball. The facilities for fishing and having barbecue, teahouse, chess & card room, making Nian-gao scene, making rice wine scene can also been seen on the street.

Xiaobaicai Culture Park's unique construction and profound cultural heritage and high-quality service will make tourists arrive in high spirits and leave with satisfaction.

Hotel → No. 104 State Highway → Turn to "Cangqian Yuhang" Entrance→ after Passing Cangqian, Turn Left→ No. 02 Province Highway→ Xiaobaicai Culture Park

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