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With a history of 5,300 to 4,000 years, Liangzhu Culture, a branch of excellent culture in the late Neolithic Age distributing in the Taihu Lake Basin, was initially found in Liangzhu Town of Yuhang District, thus being named. According to archaeological study, in the period of Liangzhu Culture, the agriculture firstly entered into the times of applying plough in rice cultivation; the handicraft industry tended to become professionalized, with jade curving industry experiencing the most developed trend; the invention of large-size jade ritual articles unveiled the prelude of Chinese ritual society; the demarcation of nobles and civilians' tombs indicated the intensified social differentiation; the "primitive words" carved on the unearthed implements were considered as the prelude of mature Chinese characters. The experts held the view that the first gleam of Chinese civilization rose from Liangzhu. The "Liangzhu Relic Sites" distributing inside Yuhang District is the center of Liangzhu Culture. Liangzhu Relic Site had already become one of the regions with largest scale and highest development level, which can prove five thousand years of Chinese civilization, and is regarded of the sacred place of the Chinese people and the oriental civilization.  

The State Cultural Relics Bureau pointed out that Liangzhu Heritage Sites will become a scared place for demonstrating five thousand years' Chinese civilization.

Jade implements are the quintessence of the material and spiritual culture created by ancestors living in Liangzhu. Featuring large quantity, abundant types and exquisite carving skills, the jade implements in Liangzhu Culture, which reached the climax of Chinese culture in history, took the leading position among all the tribes with tradition of making jade handicrafts in China and even the Pacific Rim. Its profound connotation of history and culture also brings people with boundless reverie.

During the period of Liangzhu Culture, the rice cultivation had experienced the greatly developed trend. The large amount of unearthed farm implements, including the triangle-shape stone ploughs, demonstrated that the Liangzhu people firstly entered into the plough cultivating period featuring continuous plough from the spade cultivating period only using shovels and spades, which laid a solid material basis for the prosperity of society at that time.

Liangzhu Culture is famous for the black potteries, which are characterized by fine and smooth biscuit, neat modeling, diversified types and clear purposes. The three-legged ancient vessel, rectangular and semilunar knifes and pots, especially, made up of the group of special implements in Liangzhu Culture.

Characters are regarded as an important symbol for a civilized society. The single or group of symbols carved on potteries and jade implements with ideographical function in Liangzhu Culture are called as "primitive characters" by scholars

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